Our Products

At sixtable, we carry a wide variety of products to fit your needs while helping you save the environment.
Pasta Drink Straws

Forget about soggy paper straws and suck on our Pasta Drink Straws. Certified food grade, our straws will keep its shape for hours and will not affect the taste of your drinks. Best of all, its safe enough to eat! They're available in different colours derived from natural colourings from beet root, spinach and carrots.

Sugarcane Straws

Plastic free and made from 100% Sugarcane fibres, Sugarcane Straws are definitely one of a kind. Suitable for all ages due to its similar plastic properties, Sugarcane Straws are come in a variety of sizes and colours such as white and brown.

Wood Cutlery

Want to go plastic free but still finding trouble in looking for recyclable disposals? Fear not, our wood cutleries are eco friendly and made from recycled wood so you can be rest assured that no waste was generated in making these cutleries.

PLA Cutlery

Looking for something that makes transitioning plastic free easier? Our PLA cutleries are made from corn starch and are biodegradable over time. The best part? It performs exactly like plastic and like plastic, you can be rest assured that it can withstand high heat and is durable when used.

PLA Plates

Paper plates are a thing of the past now. Plastic plates? Too harmful for the environment. Our PLA plates are made from corn starch and are biodegradable over time. It's plastic like properties has made it even durable for either hot or cold foods.

PLA Bowls

We have PLA cutleries and plates but what about bowls? No fear, our PLA bowls are certified eco friendly and safe for hot and cold foods. So rest assured that your bowls are able to withstand the heat when serving up a warm bowl of soup to your guests or customers.

Cassava Bags

Non-toxic and biodegradable, our cassava bags are designed to carry a significant amount of weight. Reducing plastic or eliminating them isn't so difficult anymore with our cassava bags which is the ideal replacement to regular plastic bags.

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